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 Rules of RaRain. 5/6/09

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Rasen Shuriken
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Rules of RaRain. 5/6/09 Empty
PostSubject: Rules of RaRain. 5/6/09   Rules of RaRain. 5/6/09 Icon_minitimeFri Jun 05, 2009 1:54 pm

Here are the rules for RaRain.

There will be NO cussing, flame wars or hate against a user/s.
NO pornographic images, video, links, audio on the forum or Xat ChatBox.
NO double or more posts in a row, please use your edit button which will be found in your posts.
1 account only, if you have lost your password please talk to me or Awesome.
NO posing as anyone.
NO fighting over Private Messages.
Please 'Quote' someone elses message instead of copy and posting it.
No advertising. (Signature only!)
2 signatures allowed! If found that the signature is to big we inform you to change it, if no reply saying 'Done' or 'Yes' or whatever, it will be removed and you'll have 3 warnings.
Anything that has copyright or illegal material will be asked to be removed, but don't do it anyway.
No seat-moderatoring. (Thinking that your a mini-moderator and telling everyone to do stuff thats not allowed. It's the Admins and Moderators job).
NO SPAMMING! (Multiple word posts, 2 or more posts in a row).
NO HATE MESSAGES IN TOPICS OR CREATING A TOPIC ABOUT THE HATE OF RARAIN! E.G. "This is a crappy forum or, make a real forum you forumotion first starter forum nooby admins."

Moderator applications start at 35 registered members, if a member on the XAT ChatBox is selected to be a moderator on the ChatBox, that member will also have a HIGHER CHANCE to get moderator on the forum.
New selected moderator at 90 members.

You must have 150 (will continue the post count when the more members join) posts to apply for moderator.

Now doesn't matter how many posts you have.

Helped the forum and is trusted by all admins, moderators and even fellow members. Will be mature and not abuse his/her power.

If a member does not follow these simple rules, they will be banned for a period of time or even FOREVER.

Thank-You for reading!

~Rasen~ Your Owner.

Edited : 7/6/09
2nd Edit : 4/7/09
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Rules of RaRain. 5/6/09
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